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Spawn Camp Podcast 010: Stop Being So Climbey

Welcome to Spawn Camp, your weekly bonfire for the latest in video game news and debauched stories with your roster of hosts: Trevor, Tony, and Jake. This week we cover the topics of: Witcher Updates, Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Battlefront, PS2 Emulation, Black Friday Deals, Halo 5, and Rocket League DLC. So sit down around the fire with us and listen to some tales.


PS2 emulation on PS4:

Xbox back compatable list:

Metal Gear Timeline:

Halo 5 Micro-transactions:

Don’t Break the Ice:

Mad Max style DLC for Rocket League:

2 thoughts on “Spawn Camp Podcast 010: Stop Being So Climbey”

    1. Hey,

      I apologize, I copied the welcome message from last week to then replace the topic text and forgot that last week my Brother was on. Yes Jake was on. He was actually the one that said the title of this weeks episode.

      Thanks for commenting. Feel free to leave us some of your thoughts on the subjects.

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